It's all very well wanting to grow your business, but the question many owners and managers ask is "Where do I start"? Many are simply too bogged down in the detail to know where to start creating growth.

Help is at hand. GrowthGuide can support your business with one of our experienced business 'Guides'. Guides are senior marketers with a focus on helping you develop your own customer centred growth plan. They work through a structured series of workshops with you and a few other senior staff in the business.

The process starts by exploring your business landscape, then moves onto developing and defining your customer proposition and brand strategy, before concluding with a tactical - and detailed - implementation plan.

You now have a clear road map of what's needed to drive your growth... and for good measure our Guide can stay close to your business on a regular basis - for as long as you need - to ensure key initiatives get delivered.

VantagePoint is an approved NZTE service provider and the Guide service is an approved NZTE service, which means you may qualify for a subsidy for some of the costs. To enquire about how a Guide can help your business grow faster, please click here to contact us.

Your Growth Guide