Business growth are words on the lips of nearly every business person responsible for results. And there are nearly as many people providing advice as there are businesses trying to achieve it.

It’s often hard to know where to turn and who to listen to. Who really understands what the future holds for your industry or sector? Who or what can give you clear direction about where your sector is heading and why?

GrowthGuide is a series of sector based research reports developed by leading research and growth consultants VantagePoint. VantagePoint has many years experience advising aspiring businesses how to achieve their growth objectives - in all cases grounded in the clarity gained from powerful, insightful research.

GrowthGuide’s focus is:

  • to help New Zealand businesses better understand what’s driving or constraining growth in their market sector, and
  • to stimulate businesses to take action to increase their own growth prospects, either independently or with the help of their own personal Growth Guide.

In addition, GrowthGuide offers a Guiding service where senior marketers lead businesses in the creation of their own customer growth plan.